Ethical Theory Classical and Contemporary Readings

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Ethical Theory Classical and Contemporary Readings by Pojman, Louis P., 9780534570330
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  • ISBN: 9780534570330 | 053457033X
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Copyright: 8/3/2001
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Preface. PART I: WHAT IS ETHICS? Plato: "Socratic Morality: Crito." Suggestions for Further Reading. PART II: ETHICAL RELATIVISM VERSUS ETHICAL OBJECTIVISM. Herodotus: "Custom is King." Thomas Aquinas: "Objectivism: Natural Law." Ruth Benedict: "A Defense of Ethical Relativism." Louis Pojman: A Critique of Ethical Relativism." Gilbert Harman: "Moral Relativism Defended." Suggestions for Further Reading. PART III: ETHICAL EGOISM. Thomas Hobbes: "The Leviathan." Joel Feinberg: "Psychological Egoism." Brian Medlin: "Ultimate Principles and Ethical Egoism." Jesse Kalin: "In Defense of Egoism." Suggestions for Further Reading. PART IV: VALUE. Jeremy Bentham: "Classical Hedonism." Robert Nozick: "The Experience Machine." Richard Taylor: "Value and the Origin of Right and Wrong." Friedrich Nietzsche: "The Transvaluation of Values." Derek Parfit: "What Makes Someone''s Life Go Best?" Thomas Nagel: "Value: The View from Nowhere." Suggestions for Further Reading. PART V: UTILITARIANISM AND CONSEQUENTIALISM. John Stuart Mill: "Utilitarianism." J.J.C. Smart: "Extreme and Restricted Utilitarianism." Kai Nielsen: "Against Moral Conservatism." Bernard Williams: "Against Utilitarianism." John Hospers: "Rule Utilitarianism." Robert Nozick: "Moral Side Constraints." Philippa Foot: "Utilitarianism and the Virtues." Samuel Scheffler: "Agent-Centered Restrictions, Rationality, and the Virtues." Richard Fumerton and Diane Jeske: "Relatives and Relativities: A Critique of Consequentialism." Peter Singer: "Famine, Affluence and Morality." Suggestions for Further Reading. PART VI: KANTIAN AND DEONTOLOGICAL SYSTEMS. Immanuel Kant: "The Foundations of the Metaphysic of Morals." W. D. Ross: "What Makes Right Acts Right?" Onora O''Neill: "Kantian Formula of the End in Itself and World Hunger." Robert Audi; "Kantian Intuitionism." Thomas Nagel: "Moral Luck." Philippa Foot: "Abortion and the Doctrine of Double Effect." Warren Quinn. "Actions, Intentions, and Consequences: The Doctrine of Double Effect." Suggestions for Further Reading. PART VII: VIRTUE-BASED ETHICAL SYSTEMS. Aristotle: "The Ethics of Virtue." Bernard Mayo: "Virtue and the Moral Life." William Frankena: "A Critique of Virtue-Based Ethical Systems." Walter Schaller: "Are Virtues No More than Dispositions to Obey Moral Rule?" Alasdair MacIntyre: "The Nature of the Virtues." Susan Wolf: "Moral Saints." Louis P. Pojman: In Defense of Moral Saints." Suggestions for Further Reading. PART VIII: THE FACT/VALUE PROBLEM: METAETHICS IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY. David Hume: "On Reason and Emotions: The Fact/Value Distinction." G. E. Moore: "Non-Naturalism and the Indefinability of the Good." A. J. Ayer: "Emotivism." R. M. Hare: "Prescriptivism: The Structure of Ethics and Morals." Geoffrey Warnock: "The Object of Morality." Suggestions for Further Reading. PART IX: MORAL REALISM AND THE CHALLENGE OF SKEPTICISM. J.L. Mackie: "The Subjectivity of Values." Jonathan Harrison: "A Critique of Mackie''s Error Theory." Gilbert Harman: "Moral Nihilism." Nicholas Sturgeon: "Moral Explanations." Bernard Williams: "Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy." Bruce Russell: "Two Forms of Ethical Skepticism." Michael Smith: "A Defense of Moral Realism." Suggestions for Further Reading. PART X: MORALITY, SELF-INTEREST AND FUTURE SELVES. Plato: "Why Be Moral?" David Gauthier: "Morality and Advantage." Gregory Kavka: "A Reconciliation Project." Derek Parfit: "Morality and the Future Selves." Bernard Williams: "Persons, Character, and Morality." Suggestions for Further Reading. PART XI: RELIGION AND ETHICS. Plato: "Morality and Religion." Immanuel Kant: "God and Immortality as Necessary Postulates of Morality." Bertrand Russell: "A Free Man''s Worship." George Mavrodes: "Religious and the Queerness of Morality." Kai Nielson: "Ethics Without God." Suggestions for Further Reading. PART XII: CONTEMPORARY CHALLENGES TO CLASSICAL ETHICAL THEORY. Part A. Sociobiology, Evolution and Ethics. Charles Darwin: "Ethics and the Descent of Man." E

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