Help Desk

How do I return my rental for the due date?

To return your rental for your due date:

1. Sign in to your account.

2. Choose "Manage Rentals/Returns".

3. Select the green "Manage or Return My Rental" button.

4. Next, choose the green “Ship My Rental Return for Free” button.

5. Select the rental(s) you would like to return and click "Print Label & Complete Return" to generate and print your packing slip and prepaid UPS shipping label.

6. Place the packing slip inside the box and affix the prepaid UPS shipping label to the outside of the box.

7. Take the package to a UPS store to be shipped back to our warehouse by the due date. We do not recommend using a UPS drop box as these may not regularly be picked up.

Note: You agree that you are responsible for remembering the rental return date and returning the rental to us within the time frame specified. To avoid additional charges, your return shipments must be scanned and actively en route within the UPS package tracking system by the rental return date.